Home of the Stout Squad

Hey there, dog lovers! A warm welcome to the Stout Squad corner of Barks & Boops! We've carved out this special place just for the big, bold, and beautiful dogs – the muscular, wide-chested superstars of the largest breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

From the dependable Saint Bernard, famous for their historical role in alpine rescues, to the majestic Mastiffs, boasting a lineage tracing back to ancient civilizations, these muscular marvels have a vibrant history and hearts that are even bigger. They've stood by our side as loyal protectors, fearless rescue workers, and steadfast companions throughout history.

These large, muscular wonders have unique needs as impressive as their size. Whether it's an extra-large bed, abundant meals to fuel their size, or special healthcare considerations for their muscular bodies and wide chests, these gentle giants call for our full care and attention.

Here at Barks & Boops, we absolutely adore these big, lively pals. We're committed to offering top-tier products that cater to their unique needs while keeping them happy, healthy, and as stylish as ever!

Custom Apparel for Your Gentle Barkmaster