Home of the Brawny Band

Hello there, dog lovers! Welcome to the Brawny Band, a cozy niche in Barks & Boops created just for the magnificent, broad-chested pooches recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

This distinguished group of canines – sturdy, large, and embodying timeless charm – have left lasting paw prints on our hearts and history. From the brave and loyal Rottweilers, once indispensable draught dogs in Ancient Rome, to the stately Bulldogs, the beloved mascots of numerous institutions, these breeds have played notable roles throughout time.

These broad-chested beauties are about so much more than their imposing frames. They carry unique needs and quirks that are as grand as their size. Whether it's the need for spacious living quarters, the necessity for hearty meals to keep up with their energy, or a predisposition to certain health conditions like deep chest diseases, these pups demand a watchful eye and tender care.

At Barks & Boops, we truly admire these big-hearted companions and their unique needs. We're committed to ensuring they have access to top-tier products that keep them healthy, happy, and oh-so-stylish!

Custom Apparel for Your Barking Behemoth