Fitted for Performance

Made Sustainably in Canada

Your dog is more than a pet. They're a unique being with their own personality, needs, and most importantly, shape and size. At Barks and Boops, we understand that like humans, every dog is different. This is why we’ve worked tirelessly to develop a range of apparel that doesn't just assume a one-size-fits-all approach, but instead is tailored to the diverse physical characteristics of every breed.

Every Dog Has a Story: The Joy in Every Shape and Size

Years of comprehensive research and meticulous development by our founder, Gia, has resulted in an innovative, patent-pending system that divides dogs into five distinct shape categories. From the Nugget Nuzzlers to the Stout Squad, our system aligns perfectly with your dog's shape and needs.

Meet The Pack
  • Stout Squad: Designed for the larger breeds with muscular builds and broad shoulders, the Stout Squad caters to the robust needs of powerfully built dogs. From apparel that comfortably accommodates their large frames to supplements supporting their healthy, active lifestyle, Stout Squad has it all.
  • Brawny Band: Embracing dogs that are bigger than average in various ways - whether tall, long, or bigger-boned - the Brawny Band ensures comfort and optimal nutrition without any compromise.
  • Parity Pack: The Parity Pack is the go-to for average-sized dogs. While they might fit the 'average' label in size, we know each one is extraordinary. We've curated a range of apparel and supplements specifically designed to meet their every need.
  • Lean Lappers: Created for our tall, lean, long-necked companions, the Lean Lappers category provides elongated apparel and supplements that sustain their unique physique.
  • Nugget Nuzzlers: The Nugget Nuzzlers group is for the tiniest of the tiny. Small but mighty, we've got these compact companions covered with adorable, fitting apparel and perfectly portioned supplements.

Beyond Just Apparel

At Barks and Boops, we offer more than just apparel. Our mission is to promote and maintain the health and wellbeing of your furry friend. Each of our groups - the Stout Squad, Brawny Band, Parity Pack, Lean Lappers, and Nugget Nuzzlers - offers a handpicked array of performance-enhancing apparel and nutritional supplements. These are designed to not only fit your dog perfectly but also to nourish their body and mind.

Gia’s vision is to treat dogs with the care, consideration, and respect they deserve as cherished members of our families. Whether it's a supplement plan to enhance their vitality or a jacket that's just the right size for those cold morning walks, we've got your beloved pet covered.

Ensuring a Happy, Healthy Life for Every Dog

At Barks and Boops, we're committed to helping you give your dog the best life possible. With our distinct groups and carefully curated products, we're paving the way for personalized dog care. From apparel to supplements, we aim to cater to your pet's unique physical needs and lifestyle.

Join us in treating your pet to a life of comfort, health, and happiness. Welcome to Barks and Boops.