Our Story

Barks & Boops is a passion project that emerged from a seven-year friendship between my adorable Basset Hound mix, Charlie, and myself. While in college, I stumbled upon Charlie, who had been deceitfully separated from his mom by a breeder that sold him to a family under false pretences. Despite attempts to reunite the four-week-old Charlie with his mother, we were not successful, and the only option was to find him a new home.

Overnight, I had to learn how to be his caregiver and nurture him without his mother's presence. His mysterious background made it challenging to fill out forms or surveys accurately. I had barely any information about his breed, and the breed lists did not have any suitable options for his unique dimensions. His allergies and skin sensitivities further complicated matters, requiring me to be more selective with the products I could buy for him.

Through caring for Charlie, I realized that every dog deserves products tailored to their unique breed and health condition. This realization inspired me to establish Barks & Boops with the aim of creating pet products that are not only a perfect fit for every dog but also contribute to their overall health and well-being.

Despite initial challenges, Charlie is now a happy and healthy pup who has traveled extensively with me, exploring different parts of the world such as Utah, Texas, Dubai, Istanbul, Tehran, Toronto, and Calgary. But as far as vocal Hounds go, Charlie takes the cake!

Over time, I've developed an intimate familiarity with his distinct barks and howls and the messages they convey. Amidst all the noise, it's his gentle and affectionate bark that truly pulls at my heartstrings. When he desires a little love and attention, or a playful boop on his nose, it's as if our journey together comes full circle.


At its core, Barks & Boops is a celebration of the special bond we share with our furry friends. We strive to create products that nurture, strengthen, and deepen every unique human-dog connection. At Barks & Boops, we are dedicated to providing pet owners with mindfully designed, high-quality products that help their furry friends lead happier and healthier lives.