Home of the Lean Lappers

Hey there! We're thrilled to have you here in our "Lean Lapper" section of Barks & Boops - your go-to hub for all things concerning our lanky and lovable long-necked, tall-legged, and long-snouted pals. Known for their sleek elegance and unique charm, these breeds, which range from petite to towering, have been acknowledged by the American Kennel Club (AKC) for their exceptional and distinguished looks.

In this group, you'll find a wide range of breeds, from the swift Greyhound, one of the most ancient dog breeds tracing its roots back to ancient Egypt, to the charmingly small and noble Italian Greyhound, and the nimble and sociable Whippet. Each of these breeds has a captivating story woven into history, just waiting to be discovered.

Their towering height, elongated necks, pointy snouts, and athletic build don't just make them visually stunning but also require special care and products. Be it harnesses designed for their slender bodies, comfy beds to accommodate their lengthy legs, or food catering to their unique dietary requirements, these breeds appreciate a meticulous touch.

We at Barks & Boops, are genuinely smitten with these gazelle-like companions and their individual needs. Our goal? To provide products that keep your long and slender dogs not just healthy and joyful, but also looking their best!

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