Home of the Parity Pack

Hello, fellow dog aficionados! Welcome to the Parity Pack section of Barks & Boops – your special corner dedicated to celebrating the extraordinary mid to large-sized breeds acknowledged by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

These four-legged wonders, with their timeless charm and steadfast loyalty, have been life-long companions for many, bringing joy and companionship over centuries. They've herded our livestock, safeguarded our homes, and added an immeasurable amount of happiness to our lives with their relentless zest and constant loyalty. From the sharp-witted Border Collie, a medium-sized breed known for its agility and renowned sheep-herding skills, to the robust and lively Labrador Retriever, standing proud as the AKC's most loved breed, these dogs have left paw prints all over our history and hearts.

These endearing big-hearted companions, however, are more than just strength and size. They have unique needs and idiosyncrasies that set them apart. From requiring spacious homes, more intense exercise, to having nutritional needs that differ from their smaller brethren, they demand as much care and attention as they have love to give!

At Barks & Boops, we truly get the distinctive personalities and requirements of these mid to large-sized breeds. We're dedicated to catering to their needs, ensuring they have access to the highest-quality products to maintain their health, elevate their happiness, and of course, enhance their style!

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