About Us

About Barks & Boops

Barks & Boops is more than just a pet brand; it's a labor of love. Born from a passion for dogs and a drive to improve their lives, we are a team committed to providing mindfully designed, high-quality products that help our furry friends lead happier, longer, and healthier lives.

Our Journey

Our journey began with our founder, Gia, and her beloved dog, Charlie. Gia's experience in marketing and product development, coupled with her deep love for dogs, especially those in need, led to the creation of Barks & Boops. After years of witnessing the hardships stray dogs faced and the struggles she had in finding suitable products for Charlie, Gia felt compelled to make a difference.

Fueled by Charlie's story and the difficulties faced by innumerable dogs due to inhumane breeding and abandonment, Gia dedicated her efforts to improve canine health, comfort, and safety. She worked tirelessly to create a unique, patent-pending system that offers tailored products to over 400 dog breeds, bringing much-needed breed inclusion into the pet retail industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is rooted in the belief that every dog has a unique story and that all dogs deserve more than one-size-fits-all solutions. At Barks & Boops, we aim to provide high-quality, thoughtfully designed products made from organic, clean, and sustainable materials that not only respect each breed's specific needs but also promote their overall well-being.

Our Vision

We envision a future where pet retail goes beyond aesthetics, focusing on each breed's unique needs and promoting canine health. Our vision is to educate and empower pet owners to make better-informed decisions about their pets' health, promoting breed inclusivity, and reducing the demand for 'popular' breeds, which often lead to unethical breeding practices.

Our Achievements

We're proud to have developed the first-ever product recommendation system that suggests custom-made products for your pet based on their breed, age, and habits. To make this possible, we conducted extensive research on over 400 breeds worldwide, developing more than 30 different apparel patterns. Our dedicated approach ensures that every item we offer is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practically beneficial, focusing on aspects such as temperature regulation, allergy prevention, and longevity of health.

Our Commitment

At Barks & Boops, we believe that our furry friends deserve the best, and we're committed to offering products that respect their unique needs while supporting a cleaner, more sustainable environment. Join us in our mission to create a healthier, happier world for our pets – because every dog has a story, and every story deserves a happy ending.